Starting off this new blog I had zero clues as to what I wanted to write about. I didn’t really feel like starting off this one with a introduction since I’m sending a link to this blog to my friends and that would be too embarrassing (hello friends, nice of you to join me).

But as I got dressed this morning I came up with this idea of showing of my most worn jewellery. That being said I’m a creature of habit and use the same few items until I’ve grown really, really bored of them. And that usually takes quite a long time.


First thing you should know, I’m pretty limited in what choices I can make, so most of this isn’t actually gold. I’m a uni student so it is pretty expected. But that doesn’t mean I don’t fake it and this necklace from Monki is one of my favorite pieces I own.

I had been looking around for these kind of ”coin” necklaces for a while, since my entire instagram feed is filled with beautiful tanned people wearing similar ones, but all I could find was waaaay out of my price range. That was until I made a trip to the mall right after Christmas and I found this beautiful (and cheap) necklace hanging in the sale section. Ahhhh, that was a blessed day.

I couldn’t find this exact one on the website (that sale is probably the reason) but I saw that Monki had many similar versions on there.


I should probably have mention this before but as you could see, I’m kinda into the gold look. The two big ones are, like the necklace above, from Monki (I think I own pretty much everything in that store by now). The ones at the top I bought last year and it is actually the second pair of those earrings. Fun little story, I lost one of the earrings at some point along the way from the place of the new years party to the docks where we watched the fireworks two years ago. It just fell out somewhere along the way to my great disappointment. And being me you could find me two days later buying a new pair.

The other big one I got, once again, at a sale. These ones are super heavy so I just use them for special occasions and you will probably find me in the corner taking them out within the hours but nonetheless, I love them so much.

The third small ones are my most used ones and the only ones in actual gold. They belonged to my grandmother and my mother gave me them a couple of months ago so I hold them very close to my heart. They are also the perfect earrings for everyday use since the are pretty small and dainty.

This was a little look into my jewellery collection to start of this blog and make it a bit less empty.

Also the name of this blog might give it away, but I’m Agnes!